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Elder Scrolls Online – Brief Review

Elder Scrolls Online is a game being developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. This company was created specially for this project. Though the company is new it has a very good team. The general manager of the studio is Matt Firor. He is a good specialist and he has been working in multiplayer game development industry since 1988. Other guys from ZeniMax team also know how to make awesome games. Many people were surprised when they saw that Bethesda is not the main developer of Elder Scrolls Online. But do not worry, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online belong to the same owner – ZeniMax Media.  So these two companies are “sisters”.

ZeniMax Online was created in 2007 and they have been developing Elder Scrolls Online since that time. Thy achieved great success: ESO was nominated to “the most anticipated MMORPG of 2013” and won first place on many gaming websites. Members of Ten Ton Hammer, Gamebreaker, MMO Hut and other huge gaming websites voted for Elder Scrolls Online as the most anticipated MMO. The other great achievement of ZeniMax is that several days ago official Facebook page of ESO reached 1 million likes. As you can see MMO fans like the game and are waiting for it.

Now let’s talk more about ESO itself. The game takes place 1000 years before Skyrin. The world is in danger: Daedric prince Molag Bal is going to merge Nirn and Oblivion. Tamriel is divided between three factions: Daggerfall Covenant, Aldmeri Dominion and Ebonheart Pact. These factions are fighting against each other and against Molag Bal. Each faction wants to take Ruby Throne in Cyrodiil and return peace to the world. You can choose one of these factions to fight against ancient evil. There are 9 playable races and you are probably familiar with each race if you have played one of single player games from The Elder Scrolls series. Races are connected to factions in Elder Scrolls Online. For example if you want to become a member of Aldmeri Dominion you will have to choose from Altmer, Bosmer or Khajiit. Not all fans like such system but I think developers have their own reasons for doing this.

General quest line of Elder Scrolls Online is 100% solo. That does not mean you will be unable to play with your friends. It is you choice whether to play in a party or not. But you can play alone if you wish. It is more difficult but it is possible. Actually ESO stimulates players to play in a group: you receive more experience, gold and other rewards playing with somebody. The reward system is very interesting and requires a separate article for explanation.

As you can see TES online is worth playing. The game is being developed now and we are waiting for the release. They say it will be later in 2013 but you can purchase ESO now! Here is the link where you can make a pre order http://elderscrollsonline.info/buy. Moreover, you can help developers to improve the game by taking part in Closed BETA. The sign up is opened so far. See you in the game.

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Elder Scrolls Online is a very interesting upcoming game. The title Elder Scrolls is familiar to many players all over the world. All single player games from the series have many fans because they are interesting and professionally made. Will you be surprised if someone tells you that TES is going online? I think yes!

It is not the rumor. ZeniMax Online (“sister” ofBethesda) is working at new MMORPG – Elder Scrolls Online. It will be a revolution in gaming industry.

The main feature of the game is a huge map. All provinces of Tamriel will be available. Do you remember beautiful plains of Cyrodiil in Oblivion? You will see the pictures once more in Elder Scrolls Online. It is going to be the most expected game of 2013. Many players and fans of Skyrim are waiting for it. ZeniMax had chosen the right time to present ESO. The popularity of TES series is very high now.

What can we expect to see in ESO?

There will be 9 familiar provinces including Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim. It is great. Player will be able to visit all of them. Cyrodiil will be PvP zone. It is situated in the center of the map and factions will fight there. The war will be fantastic because of sieges and battle grounds. Three factions will fight to control ImperialCity. There is no doubt that TES Online will be awesome. A lot of people will play it and they will require data. You can find data base at esodb.net. You can use it to follow updates.

Elder Scrolls Online will use many old features like guilds and crafting. Developers are going to add Facebook integration and Mega Server technology that allows to host all gamers on one server. There will be many new ideas in the game.

If you want to fond out more follow official ESO site. There will be many updates soon.

Some interesting screenshots from latest ESO video http://elderscrollsonline.info/video. You can see many interesting details on the pictures.

Skyrim – Rogue vs. Warrior

Skyrim is a very interesting and popular game. It is an RPG where you can create a character and explore the world. Though Skyrim has no strict classes you will have to develop your character’s skills. If you want to be a warrior you need to fight with a sword, if you want to be a bage – use magic and so on. You can “build” your character as you wish. I want to compare Rogue and Warrior. What class is better? Let’s find out.


Warrior in skyrim is a strong person. He has a lot of HP and stamina. He fights face to face with enemy. Weapon: 2 swords, sword and shield, two hander. Shield allows to dash enemies.

A rogue is a master of shadow movements. The main attribute is stamina. Weapon: 2 daggers or bow. Rogues have a great bonus for using daggers. They can deal x30 damage attacking from stealth. So it is much better to use daggers than swords.


Warrior has to attack enemies without any tricks. He has run towards the enemy and hit. There are no benefits from using stealth. Warrior with heavy amour can be easily detected. Warriors are perfect in massive battles or in fights against multiple enemies. Warrior has to use dragon shouts very often. And it is great.

Rogue is weak in face to face combat. But he is awesome in sneaking and instant kills. Skilled rogue with 100 points in sneaking can kill enemies with one shot from stealth. But to do one shot kill you have to be behind the enemy and attack from stealth. The big minus is that it is difficult to fight against strong enemy alone.

As for me it is very interesting to be a rogue. You can feel adrenaline when you sneak towards the enemy. One shot – and he is dead. No chance to survive. Sometimes you can even not to kill anybody. Just sneak. But it is not so interesting.

Bow is also a very good stealth weapon. If your bow is enchanted – the enemy has no chance to survive. Advantage of using a bow is that it is more difficult to detect you. For example you can shot and hide in the shadow behind a statue or somewhere else. Enemies will not find you and you will be able to kill the other. Dragon shouts are not so useful when you play as a rogue. 

Dark Souls is on PC

There are a lot of interesting games in the world. But many of them are not available for PC users. Many games require Xbox or PS3. It is unfair. Today one more game was released for PC. Today is the release day of Dark Souls. The game was available on Xbox and PS3 but not on PC. It is great that now we can play the game on personal computer.

Why it is great? Well you can see yourself. There a lot of videos on YouTube showing the game. It has awesome graphics and gameplay. You will have to use modern hardware to see all beauty. The armor of a hero looks naturally. Weapons shine brightly. Magic looks spectacular. All objects and enemies are great too. Especially bosses. There are a lot of strong bosses and they also have its armor and weapon. When you fight against boss you can see all his movements and predict his actions.

The game is similar to traditional RPGs but it has its unique features. The most interesting is that a player has to collect enemies’ souls to level up. Souls are used for increasing skills. But if you die you drop all the souls you haven’t already used. Your dropped souls are waiting for you but if you die until you gather them back you will lose all of them. So it is a very difficult game. A boss can kill you with one or two strikes and I bet you will loose your souls many times. The only important thing is to get them back in time.

This feature makes the game interesting. All other games are easy to pass. But Dark Souls is not an easy game. You will have to use different tactics or look for special videos that explain how to pass the game. Dark Souls has some secrets. For example you can kill dragon’s tail and loot a great sword. But it is impossible to do it directly. You will have to go to special place and shot the tail with a bow. It will take time but you will be rewarded in the end.

You can play the game as long as you wish. There are main bosses and small bosses. You have to kill main bosses to pass the game. Small bosses are not necessary to kill.

As I said earlier you will not find such a difficult game like Dark Souls. Is such difficulty a plus? I think yes. The game is unique because of this feature. It has a lot of fans all over the world. Now you can also try to pass the game. I wish you good luck and patience. You will need it.